Will and OCI holder farm land inheritance

My father acquired agriculture land through family partition. We are HINDU family and I am the youngest son who is OCI holder. All my brother and sisters are married and all are given fair share of the property. As I was out of country. My share of farm land is still held in my father's name. My mother is living in here in India. Till today I am providing living expenses for my parents and built a house for them to live. My father has expired recently. He has written a will which not registered. He has signed a WILL DEED document on the second page (i.e signing page only) in the presence of two witnesses. He has not signed on all pages. Is it absolute necessary to sign on all pages? All family members have no issues with transferring farm land in my name. My mother is willing to give NOC and an affidavit regarding genuine of the will. It is simple WILL DEED which doesn't require probate. 1. Do you think I will have any issues regarding the will during mutation process? 2. Since I am OCI holder, I don't have Aadhar card. Can provide them a copy of my OCI and passport? Thanks, and appreciate your comments. Regards, PK