Site Registered with others name after selling to me

Hi Sir, I am Mogileeswara Reddy from Medak District of Telangana. I purchased a site from a person and registered in my name in Mar-2013, after that the same site is also registered in other person's name in Oct-2013. I.e 7 months after transferring ownership to me. The said second time registration is mentioned as rectification deed. As checked in the registration office, the said second buyer was already bought another site from the same seller and it was a wrong site number and as part of correction they reassigned the site number which it was already registered in my name. Now I am approaching seller who is keep on saying that the said issue is done by mistake and will get this corrected soon. But it's not happening from quite long time despite our desperate efforts Logically the ownership of the said site is transferred to my name well before 7 months. If any registrations or transfers to do with this site number, myself should be the seller, but the one who sold to me & transferred to the other. As per registrar, it should be settled in the court only. Kindly suggest who is the owner of this site and what best can be done to get this corrected. I feel the issue is with registration dept also. But they are denying saying that mistakes can happen, we cannot avoid. I will be great help if you can suggest me with right advise Regards Mogileeswara Reddy