False FIR filed under section 420

Dear Sirs, I am from Chennai. My case is almost same like the tamil movie “Pachaikili Muthucharam”. Please read fully to understand my situation. Actually I am married and separated due to family issues. After my failure marriage life, I started to find outside woman for physical relation who needs like me through internet. Also I got a lady’s contact as she was posted in internet like she also wants a s*x and s*x related stories, movies etc etc., She introduced her through email that she is being a KEEP for a man who is doing small business locally (She told they both married in temple and not legally registered). Also she emailed her past life like she had s*x with another person when she was young. So I thought she is the one who I am searching for my desire. In the beginning we both developed our contact further through email and phone calls. She was very open to talk/emailed about s*x vulgarly and personal life as well. So I also sent so many emails and SMS very vulgarly. Initially she refuse to have direct s*x with me, but I was keep on asking her to have at least few times. One point of time she was agreed (acted like she agreed after my many proposal) and I went to her home very first time just to see her. Then I felt very bad and nervous and thought to discontinue her relationship. But she was keep on asking her to have s*x with me anytime, anywhere. Meanwhile she started to talk like she is having very affection and love with me. Also she keeps on asking me to meet her again in some public places/resorts/hotels. Also she sent her resume to help her to get a job. As a known person, I agreed and told her that I help through my friends. I recommended her though my ex-colleague to get a job in small company where I was working previously. After her several attraction speech about s*x, I also agreed and second time went to her home midnight and had s*x. Later on I dislike continuing this with her and reduced/not replying her emails and not attend her phone calls too. Later on I got another job in another location and informed her that to not contact me henceforth. But she was continuing to induce me to talk about s*x (by email, sms and phone calls) so many times and I sent few emails about my experience on the day when we had. Suddenly she sent a mail stated that all about our relation was found by her husband through hidden camera in her home without her knowledge. She told like after several days when I went to her home second and last time. Also she was rushed me to talk with her or give my contact and whereabouts. Also she stated like her husband found all my details and if I am not calling her, then they will send police to my home. I was surprised about her acts. Then after 3 days, she sent mail which stated like at least give my money when I get to arrange job for her. But reality is I never got any amount from her. Also she had s*x with my ex-colleague when I shifted to another location previously. She given police compliant and initially they never agree to file a case, and then she compliant in court and court asked police to file FIR and enquire about this case. Actually she can’t produce any evidence that I got money as I never received such amount. So she given the evidence like my emails is the proof that I have connection with me and based on that connection she have given and I have received. FIR section is 420. My ex-college agreed in police station like that he got money from her and he return as soon as possible as he may be forced to do so in police station. My lawyer telling me to not contact him to check what happened in the police station. I am out of home now due to my job and police often going to my home and asking my parents to make settlement, otherwise we will put your son behind bar and you can’t fight with that lady as she has connection with big level people. I file AB two times through my lawyer friend, he withdrawn as judge also saying (unofficially when he took this case) like ask your client to return her money. I think he is not capable to get AB and argue for this case. She has submitted papers to court to not give AB for me as I will cheat her. This makes my life very vex and sometimes thinking to attempt suicide, mentally depressed a lot. I went to her home twice in the 2.5 months, one time to see her and another time to have s*x. In reality, I haven’t got any amount from her. She and her associates are threating my parents at native to extract money. I hope she is doing all with police support. I am working in a private company. So If I surrender for enquiry, they will hold me for minimum 15 days at least and spoil my career too. Also they may threat/force to agree to their demanded amount in police station. I am ready to deposit the amount to court which she given in her compliant to get a bail. I am ok to deposit the whole amount to court to get AB since this amount is in the case. I want to prove myself in the court that I never received money from her and it is a false case. I suspect my lawyer as he is not taking this case forward, just he has applied AB two times and withdrawn after their opposed. I explained all to my lawyer, I think he may not capable to get AB or he is opponent supporter. Dear experts, please give me some ideas, how to manage this case, how to get AB even though they are defending? Without proper evidence of money transactions, how the court can refuse to give bail in this case?