How to file case against company for service and negeligence

Dear Sirs I need your advise to file the case against a mobile company. 2 Company employees approached me to take super stockist fro mobile company. After meeting i have decided to take super stockist from this company for four districts in my state. These employees said me to bill 10 lack rs stock and give me documents. Also take one cheque for scanning purpose from which account i will transfer amount and they will return this cheque to me back after scanning. Cheque is given to them is without signature. After transfer amount to company account they billed me 12 lack stock instead of 10 lakh without prior information. I asked employees then they said don't worry company will not ask you payment till next billing. When i asked about cheque not returned to me they said it is with them when they come to me they will return it. There after i regular calling to provide me order from distributors appointed under me but later i came to know that there is no distributors under me. And none of then come to my office after billing. Later i came to know that the cheque is send to company office with fake signatures without our firm stamp. I regularly call them and mail them regarding stock sale, service and service centers list but no reply from them, after that i start writing mails to company office but there is no reply from them till date. Now I came to know that company fired the employees and there is no employee of company in my state. No service centers, no service team. It is more then 3 months now but no reply from any one from corporate office. There is no intimation regarding sales team and other officials now. Now company start sending me notice regarding outstanding amount rs 2 lack and charged interest 44k on the amount.. I am very fed up now my whole stock/money is stuck and i am bearing interest from bank since last 3 months. Pl let me know how i can handle this matter and how i can get back my money from company.