How to avail financial help for my son's education ?

From 9 years I am living away from my husband with my twelve and half year old son due to some differences in opinion and mental torture .My husband is not providing any financial help from these many years . According to him if I will live with him then only he will help me financially . I Was quiet from these many years as I was taking care of my son by doing job and I did not want any dispute or tension .I was living away from my parents also as I was completing my bed , med for better job .In this mean time my parents were helping me financially whenever required for my education or my son's education . I didnot give my phone no or place name to remain away from any tension . He was doing call to my parents for my phone no or so that my parents can force me back to him . By seeing his ignorance towards me and my son I Have decided not to go back to him.Now my father got retired so I am facing problem as I don't have fixed or permanent job . Can I claim some amount for my son's education from my husband? What if he refuses to give ? Do I have any legal right after living away from my husband from 9 years without any contact to claim anything for myself and my son ? I should think of divorce ? Will it be beneficial to my son and me ? Please send me the right, legal and beneficial suggestion?