Marriage with my girlfriend

I was in love with a girl since last 7 odd yrs,in Aug 2014 she have ditched me,her family knows that we are in love and we will get married,she is not giving proper logic while denying our relationship,i have never misbehaved with her & never done anything wrong ( never done sex with her ) now she and her family hates me so much that i cant explain here, she is still denying this relationship and refused my marriage proposal several times.I get angry by her this attitude and sent many smses full of anger to her,besides that i have not done anything wrong till date,i have her smses with me as well ( when we were doing good in our relationship tht time she has sent me many smses & i hv replied them as well) i am deeply attached with her imotionally,also i have spent millions of rupees on her ( i do not want a single rupee back as i still love her ) now my question is like this - Can i file a lawsuite against her & her family in the court & can i get the justice,i truely loved her & want to get marry with her immideatly.