Brethren Mission Compund

Dear Sir \ Madam, This is in regards to a Christan Property, where there was a Hospital and staff quaters. Now the Hospital is shut down as it was running in major financial loss. The Staff quaters are still occupied by the people working the hospital and it has been more than 30 years this staff is staying here. There is not legal documents in relation ship to owning the place and hence nobody had the athourity to own the place. There is women who has got a letter from the trustiees nomies stating she is the care taker of the place. Instead of taking care of the place she has sold off every thing in the hospital ill legaly, also she has rented few houses with out agreement. She has also give some portion of the land to run small business like selling fruits ,plants, clay pots. These people are making nusens and causing trouble for the people staying in the compound. Also the care take women has been very rude to people and trying to stop them on getting simple basic necessity work done on the house. Please advise whome should we reach out to and how can we get shuch matters handeled legaly. Thanks & regards, Robin Gahukamble mob : [deleted]