Bail in Indian official secret act 1923

My father uday vir singh is an civil defense employer in army airborne training school Kheria agra he is serving 34 years in this establishment and about 6 years left in retirement he sign's official secret act every year in this establishment. His senior officer logged an FIR on 10 jan 2015 due to office rivalry on behalf of that official documents were found in his mobile.. But my father has official documents on his mobile due to the extra work oder given by his senior officer after the office time and force him to compete it and present the work by the next day anyhow to the office. Due to this my father has official documents in mobile was used as pendrive. But due to official rivalry they were arrested and sent to jail. These documents were not secret /confidential /restricted but the first informant is higher official and in police inquiry they were always give wrong information to police as saying that the documents were confidential. They were search our home and seage our home computer and personal books and official personal files and they told to police that they found confidential documents. Because first informant handle this case has already has rivalry with my father he leads wrong and false investigation in this case. Our case is in Indian official secret act 1923 section 5. My father is in jail since 10th Jan till to the date. We have filled bail application in session court agra but rejected by ADJ1 Agra on 10 March. Case no. 166 We file another bail application in Allahabad high court case no. 13650 on 21 April 2015. On 23 April on hearing the order from court is AGA seeks 3 weeks time to file counter affidavit. This might be listed and still no solution because counter may take a year or 6 months. So what to do now can we withdraw bail application and file new bail application is it possible? Or at this stage can we go to supreme Court. Or can we again go to session court agra. If we start trial then what does it have effects our bail application as our trial starts so no hope of getting bail heard by high court or supreme Court. Please suggest what we can do in this current situation. [deleted].