My wife insulted me and my family, and i sometimes slaps her

Its around five years of my marriage. I loved my wife too much at starting. But conflicts started between her and my mother. She does not keeps quiet when scolded. She talked in the same tone with my mother as my mother talked. I tried to create balance between both of them but all in vain. It started problems between us. She started fighting for spending my income on my parents requirement. Whenever she fighted she abused my younger brother and my parents. This angered me badly and sometimes I slapped her too. Lots of abusing was going on. Once she called her brother and her two brothers came and abused me and my mother. From that day I was completely broken. Somehow I managed to to rebuild my relationship. Slowly fights Started again for control of my income expenditure. Once she started fight for not offered Gold earrings in my brother's marriage. She also stop Billi from helping my parents in my brother's marriage and created ruckus for several months. She asked me for Golden ornaments and a smartphone in spite of knowing that marriage is coming and I need to arrange money. I provided her golden earrings of her choice but asked her wait for 2-3 months for smartphone for the reason that I need to arrange money but she denied and fighted for smartphone. She fights for the causes that happened to 3 years ago and fights for them again and again I tried to understand her that why are you fighting for such old matters but she screams loudly. And whenever she screams she always involves my younger brother and my parents and use fouls words for them. Once again fight gone worse Indian she said I am going to my home. I stopped her that you can't go alone. Call someone to pick you up from here but She forcefully try to go from my house. She called her brother and her brother came with 3, 4 men and started abusing mai my father and me that I will jail you all. He even stalked my younger brother and put him inside of the the home that I am calling police and all of you will be in GL and only my sister will live in this home. By the time I'm 23 families of call only gathered and convince them that your sister is guilty. She is creams very loudly and do not respect elders. Even the person who came with my brother in law also said that your sister is at Higher fault. Civil police came and he returned them. Now I am sad up with my life and with my wife. I am government servant and I have one child of 8 months old. My parents are forcing me to stay in marriage due to social shame and future of my child. But my self respect is hurted very badly and I am unable to forget all of this insult to my parents. What can I do. I am worried about the custody of my child if somehow I get divorce. And what about my job and alimony.