Against parents

There is a problem in my life which I would like to tell u. When I am in my 17 years my father proved me ill. My family called me mentally ill patient even though I was not. They don't let me interact with my friends and other family members. I feel they are hiding something about me or with me. I am mentally strong. At first I got to believe all those they said. They used to drug me. Even though I thought I was ill so they drugged me. But it's not the case. I am fine yet they drug me. Sometimes they only plead me to take tabs. They give drugs in milk. They convince me I am ill. They say you are schizophrenic. But I am not. For 11 years I believed as such. But today I strongly feel they Misguided me. They bet me and traumatized me in 2016,17,2008,2009 at certain times when I went against them. For everything they say I am ill. To continue me as schizophrenic they made my sister also to act like schizophrenic. She too pretends to have disease. They don't let me go alone or interact with my friends. Even they seem controlling my friends. I am now 26 years and turn 27 this August. I need help. Help Me to probe into this matter. Kindly help me.