Parking issues in cghs delhi

Dear Sir, I have been a resident of a CGHS society in Dwarka, in Delhi for over 12 years now. I am the second owner of the flat. I have been allotted a covered parking on the ground floor which has another flats parking such that it blocks a clear exit. My parking does not have a exit facing design but is sort of perpendicular to the exit. If I try hard I can barely manage to park my car in my parking. Now the issue is for the past 12 years I had been parking my car in a manner partly covering both parking areas but, now the original flat owners have also come with their car. When they complained to the society MC, the MC provided them with a separate parking for their car which can fit into the parking provided, which they declined, now they park their car in front of my car and take a lot of time removing it when we need to go out... My parents are old and may need medical attention at short notice, I am scared by the thoughts of non-timely removal of their car during any emergency situations. Can I take up a legal recourse to get out of this situation?