domestic violence

Hi, I m a house wife, married in december 2013. since, I got married, my in laws including my husband mentally tortured me for simple things at my matrimonial house. my husband abuses me by keeping illegal connection with every men unnnecessarily and my pregnancy got mis carriage when my husband intensionaly forced me to clean toilets , I have refused to clean, he physically harassed me by hitting on my back . my mom , father and sister in law also mentally tortured me everyday for simple things such as 'not cooking food deliciously' though I m preparing very well and they always threaten me to opt to stiching clothes business since I have well educated and dislike their intensional forceful duty on me and I have been greatly ill treated by their circastic verbal abusements.They use to abuse me unnecessarily for minute things. My inlaws are violeting my independence and freedom by ordering me to do every minute single step aacording to their wish. They tortured me several times for 10 thulas gold and 3 lakh rupees extra dowry. under these circumstances, I wish to opt for DV case . Now it is almost 11 months that I m residing at my parents house, unfortunately there is no evidence for physical harassment. Do the law needs evidence for mental harrassment also. Will I get compensation for mental harrassment under DV act? Kindly reply me..