Director threatening other directors with filing police complaint

Hello, I am one of the 7 directors of our company( All directors relatives). I have kept both my properties as co-lateral security for the company loan against the agreement that the company will pay me 5% interest of my property value from the date of disbursement of the loan (Oct 2017). In December 2017 one the board of directors (lets say Mr. X) said he is unwilling to pay the interest on the properties, later in the board of directors meeting he again changed his statement and said he will pay the interest, so I have decided to step down as the director provided both my properties be released. It has been months since then I have been following up and one of director(Mr X) and till date he has been delaying on the releasing the properties. Last month when I called him on phone, I asked Mr X as to when he is releasing the properties as the company hasn't started functioning and he has been just delaying with stupid reasons. The argument heated and i expressed concerns, frustration and also said that it is sometimes i think on giving up on my life and committing suicide, so for which he has filled a nominal complaint against me in the police station stating I am threatening him whereas he is the one who is mentally harassment to me. Please advice.