Wife is not Coming back home

Dear Sir, I am married on march 2012 as per hindu rituals, my wife stayed with me for 10 months in a span of 18 months (for 2 months and 3 months as she keep on travelling to her house) till that time her behavior was OK. After 1 1/2 years of marriage she had some quarrel with my mother and she went to her home for some festival in August 2013, she went saying she will be back in a week time, but thereafter she keep on saying me that she is not feeling well etc and wont be able come and this continues for 6 months suddenly one day she told me that she will come back only after i own a new house because she do not want to stay with my family, I had also went to take her back at her house but she refused to come untill i own a new house. Today, till date she has not came back & i had also not spoken with her since 10 months. Now her family is threatening me that they will screw me and take me to court, Both of us had not not sent any legal notice or filed any complaint at police station regarding this till date Kindly advice me what further action shall take to over come this, Thankyou