Regarding Eplispsy wife

My wife and his family cheated by hiding epilipsy problem I got married on 27th november 2009 after three months I came to know she used to take tablets by hiding and I came to know that after three months. with my mother advised what happed is happed so I took her many doctors, still problem contnues she used to sleep all the day without cooking and doing house hold things and torturing me I will make without cooking and I used to Andher (mumbai) from Virar in the early morning 5am and I used to come around 6;30 pm in the evening still she sleeping like we spent all most one year I was working in mnc company by this I decided to leave my job and settle to bangalore When I came to bangalore I kept all house holde things to my father in law house even gas cylinder and my wife got baby girl and they have taken all gold and silver and around Rs 2lacks house hold things now she is asking divorce from me asking Rs 10lakhs for her and Rs 15lakhs my daughter I dont want to give divorce by because I love my daughter and in the divorce notice they given i HAVE GIVEN TORTURE TO HER i AM PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED PERSON PLEASE HELP INTHIS REGARD VENKATESH KULKARNI