Name discrepancy in my certificates

I am a postgraduate from Raipur, Chhattisgarh. My name since childhood had been 'VIVEKANAND SARKAR' in all of my certificates except class class 10th my name was spelt wrong as VIVAKANAND….A is placed in the place of E…and the SURNAME was also missing.....because of my ignorance. In every competitive exam, they want us to fill the online form the name as recorded on the matriculation…I have talked to the CBSE Toll free number.….and ask the procedure to change the name from VIVAKANAND TO VIVEKANAND…They have said to do a affidavit of name changed… I am preparing for competitive exams and will be appearing for that CGPSC exam this year. Which name I supposed to use….The name which is written on the 10th mark sheet or the changed name after the affidavit .Because there will be a difference in name between my degree certificate and 10th certificate, I am worried that this would get me disqualified when they ask for verification of my certificates. Also I am confused about with which name I should write on my application. Please help me how to tackle this issue. Sincerely, Vivekanand Sarkar