Lease agreement for petrol pump

Sir, My unmarried sister planning to open petrol pump as per govt of India 60000 petrol pump advertisement recently published. She applied for rural area and in SC Category. As she is the only applicant in that particular area if she produce the appropriate land she'll get the chance to open petrol pump of Indian Oil corporation. And she applied in SC Category she is eligible for Corpus fund scheme. So, my question is that What's the procedure of long term lease agreement and for how many years it should be done and in that agreement period the owner of the land or IOC can terminate the agreement ?. Please send me the proper format of lease agreement with sub lease to IOC My other question is after taking land with agreement what will be the business strategy ? Because I'll take the land as a lease and I'll sub lease to the Indian Oil corporation. Who has to pay rent to the landlord , dealer ya IOC ? I heard by someone that in Corpus fund case Oil company is paying only rent to dealer not other profit..Is it true ? Plz guide.