annulment of marriage

Respected Sir, I am residing in Pune, Maharashtra. I desire a legal advice from you about annulment of marriage in Maharashtra state sir. This is all about a girl whose parents have forced her into a marriage. When she was sitting at home, they arranged for her engagement secretly and on a NIGHT GOWN she was brought to be engaged to some boy whose even name she does not know. Then she was made to STARVE for 2-3 days and her mother came inside her room, caught hold of her hand and put her thumbprints on some stamp papers. Due to starving she was physically weak so could not resist. Even that boy comes to her house and physically harasses her. She and me both dont know about what exactly were those stamp papers but logically its clear that it may be some court marriage registration with that boy. She was forcefully made to make her thumb impressions on those papers. Can this marriage be annulled? If yes how should she prove that she was being forced? Please advice Sir I need Your help plz. I dont understand that even if such marriages can be annulled how can this girl prove in the court that she has been forced to marriage?