Is a Petition/PIL against Election Commission possible?

I am a central Govt. Employee. I have been assigned duties of Booth Level Officer (BLO) in Delhi by the Election Commission of India in Oct’2013. Till then 03(three) election has been happened in Delhi. I have so many responsibilities at home and I am married also so my responsibility at my home is increased. Because of this BLOs duty I have to perform two jobs at the same time (one in my concerned office and another in Election office) in addition to responsibilities at home. I have some queries in this regard… 1. Is a Petition/PIL against Election Commission possible? 2. Can a Govt. Employee file a Petition/PIL without taking prior permission from his department or only intimation is enough. 3. Can a Petition/PIL file by any other person/lawyer without showing my identity. 4. “There is no time limit or a fix period after which a BLO shall be relieved and other Govt. Employee shall be replaced in place of him (in All India level). It means no rotation system is there. In the absence of any such guidelines/instructions, if a person once made BLO then he will have to perform duties of BLO till his retirement because there is no time limit after which he will be replaced by another person. It clearly shows that such person shall have to perform two jobs for his entire career alongwith his family responsibilities. This is injustice to all of them who have been assigned duties of Booth Level Officer (BLO).” My main query pertains to point no. 4 is that is it possible to file a Petition/PIL against Election Commission on this point and is there any chance that guidelines/instructions can be issued by the court to relieve all such persons who is performing duties of BLOs after some time and replaced them by some other persons( I mean to say that the court can issue guidelines to ECI in this regard to implement a rotation system in assigning duties of BLOs. I shall be grateful to you if you could help me because I am facing so many problems due to double duties. Because of no time limit of these duties I can’t focus on my career and on my family. Your precious help can change life of thousands/lakhs of persons. Thank you..