Sr citizen mother selling her property 7/12 clearly on her name

Sir, My mother been staying with me after my father death 24/6/2002 and she had a parcel of land at my native place whose price stand in crores .My father had brought that land on her name and at that time we had no income other then my father salary my mother had no mean of income Now my mother is 78 yrs old with numerous illness like blood pressure kidney problem liver cirrhosis and all old age problem Now All of sudden I found it was under transaction According to your previous reply I understood that she had all right to sell that property Till now my mother had not informed us about the transaction But I have a question in mind then who will be held responsible if any untoward incidence occurred to my mother She is not capable to run from one post to another if she is cheated if the transaction is not done properly or any criminal offence occurred with her As a security reason can we ask for or mediate the transaction and see that the transaction is held properly please reply