Cooperative society maintenance charges in Bangalore

Self is a owner and member of society in Bangalore. Society is registered under Co-operative Housing society. this society formed some time in 2003-04 and earlier my flat was let out and monthly maintenance was regular. Subsequently the flat remained vacant and unused for more than two years + . due to this I have been writing to the society office bearers to either reduce the charges to minimum or give discount for which they are simply ignoring my letters, neither any record of placing my request in the meeting / AGM nor agreeing to at least discuss this grievance as asking to make full charges like other members who are availing all benefits. Even my premises was accessed for keeping housekeeping material / water was taken for common area cleaning/ my dedicated parking lot was allowed to be used by others/ outsiders etc. This happened without my knowledge or approval. Now even after all these; society is asking me to make full payment of all these overdues with penal interest as well penalty which is now running into few lakhs. What remeday is open to me. your assistance please. My contact details [deleted] / [deleted]