Land and Society

My father was the owner of 5 acres of land in which he runs a college under the society , for which he was the president of the society and also the correspondent for the colleges He passed away 3 yrs ago and my elder brother has been looking after the college since then, owing to the by-laws in the society....He is the president of the society and the correspondent while my mother is the treasurer and myself the secretary.We have expected that since he is the elder brother, he would manage the property and the income wisely and give us the share due to us.we expected atleast 25 percent of the profit he gets in college affairs but he hasnt given a penny since 3 years but recently when we confronted him he physically abused my widowed mother and me and refused to give any share....We couldnot believe our eyes that my elder brother could turn so evil and me being 8 years younger than him,( i am 30)really had no clue all these years about whats going on in the college or the property and unfortunately we dont know what evidences we are supposed to posess and what should be our reactions, kimdly help Sirs.Thank you