Property Dispute

My father expired a few years ago leaving behind our family house. I moved to America amd my mother stays with my elder brother. The agreement is in my father's name which was currently in dispute with my father's brother. We have 3 floors in the building - GF- My father's brother stays there and we already have a dispute with him. FF- my elder brother stays there SF- Which is my floor and since I stay in America so brother was using it. My Brother called me and told me that he has got into a settlement with our father's brother and the building is going for reconstruction. The new settlement is: Basement- half my brother and half dads brother GF- My father's brother will get FF- My brother will get this. SF- this will go the developer. third floor and terrace- My fathers brother will get. I will get just cash of around 2 crores. Plus my brother has bought a GF in the opposite building for 4.5 crores and now he is not talking to me properly. Each floor is worth 4-5 crores.I have no idea what deal brother has got into with the construction guy and my fathers brother. Please suggest what should I do. what are the tips? I remember signing on a blank page to my brother? Did he misuse it?