Transferring Mother's property on son name

Dear Sir, Kindly help me, My name is Sohail I am originally from Hyderabad Telangana India, but currently, I am working in Indonesia, (Background) I have a property (not registered/notary only)of about 100sqyrd house which I have bought in 2012, as from 2008 I was living in abroad I purchase this property on my father's name as he was available, and after my father's death in 2016, I have asked to transfer it on my mother's name, I bought this land completely independently and I build a small house on it with so many difficulties, Now when I want to get back my property on my name from my mother's, my younger brother starts to protest and demanding 50% share from this property, we live in the same house, where all of my family knows very well about the ownership of my property, (Question) As now i want to transfer my property on my own name from my mother's, is it must that my brother also must present during we make sale deed ? (notary document) ? or just enough my brother, or what is the procedure to take transfer my property from my mother to my name ? your eager response in this matter would be great help and a light of hope for me, i have earned nothing except this 1 house, if i must share this also i will be bankrupt completely, so kindly help sir, Wa:+[deleted] thank you so much in advance, Sohail.