Threat from Gangsters

Type your question here. Do not use ALL Cam residing in Pune and me and my family is under threat from one Gangster. In my nearby area one family residing and all the family members therein are criminals/gangster. They are in Crime since last 30 years and they have been invlolved in serious cases like Murder, Extortion, Land encroachment etc. They have acquired our land in Pune City forcefully and we have filed Civil Case in court for possession of land, hence there is danger to my and my family's life. Case is going on in Civil Court. I am expecting advice on below - 1. Local Police is incapable and ignoring this Gangsters by accepting Bribe. What should I do ? 2. Is there any section/code by which court/police can seize there property and issue order of 'Tadipaar' ? 3. What should I do so police can charge this gang under MOCCA ACT (Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act ) 4. Please advice what else I can do to protect me and my family and add your points too in the application. Many Thanks, APS.