cruelty by my husband and in laws

I really need situation might be very complicated but i am shit scared anyways.i am married to this man for past 10 years and have 9 year old husband after getting married to me had an affair with his colleague and that i came to know about some 3 years. also soon after we got married after a month he started fighting with me.i smoke this is the only weakness i have.cause according to him i didnt took care of the house(this what i feel)however to me he just wanted me to be at home go nowhere and not disturb him while he can go anywhere.after six month i conceived my son whose news aggravated him and he wanted and abortion immediately when i said no he had physically raised hand on me.even after i was pregenant he kept on doing that...after which we shoifted to house near my mums due to which i no longer required him to socialise.i uised to do it on my own..but. he would never spent any time with me...2012 he asked me to shift to faridabad near his parents house who inturn dont talk to me misbehave with me.i agree since i thiught he might change.but now it seems i am on a house arrest for someone who had been working and earning her ownmoney is just given 8000 to survive each month ...a week back i had amnesia due to which i lost my memory for two hours i hve medical reports to confirm that...and the psychiatist told him that if u dont control her stress she will break...also he asked have you tajken them to any vacation he has not for 10 years )