Samsung make fake promise while selling their mobile

Hello, On 22nd February Samsung announced their flagship mobile Samsung Galaxy S10+ model and while they promise if any person preorder mobile on 22nd february they will get android watch (The company is offering the new 46mm Galaxy Watch for free with the ceramic Galaxy S10+) and i use my personal mobile number while pre order this mobile [deleted] and on [deleted], 5:56PM i purchase this mobile from V3S mall new delhi and next day i call them that i need my watch how should i redeem this offer they said sir you can try after 24 or 48 hours to avail this offer i said ok. From 13th March to 25th March i sent like 35 emails and call more than 100 times to samsung customer they never solve my problem they always said sir wait to 24 hours wait for 48 hours and wait for 72 days everyday they are asking me to wait for several hours. I want to report against samsung for making fake promises and ask them to give my watch. I am attaching 3 doscument 1: Invoice or Bill of mobile 2: Screenshot of mobile app facing issue 3: Small screenshot of email conversation with samsung