Company Cheated And Did Not Paid The Salary

Hi All, My Name Is Sandeep Singh, I Employed As An Technical Sales Executive In Ratchet Infotech LLC Gurgoan Haryana Since 18th Oct,2014, They Were Operating There Gurgaon Centre From Their Chandigarh (Headoffice Office). We Used To Get Our Salary On 5th Of Every Month In Our Salary Accounts Given By Them Only (Salary Cycle Was 21st To 20th E.G 21st Nov Till 20th Dec Salary We Will Get Paid On 6th Of January). My Salary Is Pending Their Since 21st Nov,2015 Till 6th January. In The Month Of January,2015 On Our Salary Day The Entire Staff Was Waiting For Our Salary To Get Credit In Our Account Normally It Get Credited To Our Account By 2 Pm Or So But On The Very Day We All Have Waited Till 8:30 Pm And Then Enquired The Same From The HR Mr. Tilak Raj He Checked The Same From Chandigarh Office And Informed Us There Is A Financial Crunch Due To Which They Were Unable To Disperse Our Salary On Time It Will Be Credited To Our Account By 12th Jan,2015 Our Team Raised A Question To The HR That Why Didn't They Gave Us Any Prior Notice And Now The Day Is Over We Have To Pay Our Bills Room Rents And Etc He Assured Us Verbally That You Guy Will Get Your Salary On 12th Thats For Sure And Further Asked Him To Give Us The Same Information On Our Mails He Bluntly Denied We Spoked At The Chandigarh Office They Were Not Ready To Give Us Any Written Confirmation And On 6th Jan 2015 They Shut Down Their Gurgaon Centre Without Intimating Any Of Us When Asked The HR He Said He Forgot To Inform Us The News. Entire Team Were Called To Join A Meeting With Mr. Aashish Gogna (VP) And Mr. Tilak Raj (HR) On 8th Jan,2015 We All Have Been Told That For Sure You Will Get Your Salary And Gave Us The Reason To Shut Down Their Centre And We All Were Asked To Join The H.O In CHD(As Per Joining Letter And Appointment Letter No Where Its Mentioned We Can Be Asked For Transfer On An Immediate Basis). After A Long Discussion We All Have Decided To Join The CHD H.O On Feb 8th,2015 Once We Get The Salary We Could Settle Our Dues And Prepare To Join In CHD H.O We Signed On Transfer Letter. On The Promised Date 12th Jan,2015 We Still Did Not Received Our Salary When Enquired They Said It Will Take 3 Days More So Probably You Will Get The Salary On 15th Jan,2015. On 15th Jan, 2015 They Said Once You Will Join CHD H.O Then Only You Will Get Paid. We Decided To Take Some Legal Action At That Time We Sent Mails To CHD Office Regarding This And Went To Labour Court From Their We Came To Know We Can File The Case In Civil Court Because Our Avg Pay Is Over 15 Grands Advocate Also Advised Us That You Guys Cannot Even File F.I.R Its A Not A Criminal Case So They Will Not Accept It. We Lost Our Hope And We Are Running Out Of Money We Could Not Afford Even A Single Penny To Invest On Legal Steps In Civil Court. On 12th Feb,15 We Received A Termination Mail From Chandigarh HR Nevedita In Which Its Is Metioned We Did Not Join The CHD H.O On Described Date And No Communication Done So They Decided To Terminate Us And Asked For Collect The Full And Final After Completion Of 45 Days. I Called Her Discussed The Entire Senario With Her And She Said Yes Sandeep You Can Come After 45 Days And Collect Your Full And Final Amount. After 45 Days I Called Them To Speak To The Concern HR Then I Came To Know She Left The Organisation I Discussed The Entire Senario Again With A New HR Mehek She Told Me There Is Still Salary Issue Is Going In The Office And Employees Are Waiting For Their Salary So You Can Wait For Some More Time It Will Be Sorted Out Soon And Now Its Been Over A Month Now I Have Not Received Anything From Them So Far. Now They Are Avoiding My Call. Regards, Sandeep Singh