Maintainence case of widow

Dear sir, I am a single mother with a 3-year baby. I am staying with my parents. Two-year ago my husband passed away. After his demise, my mother-in-law and her second son (my husband's brother) has behaved rudely and made me to move out of the home. My father-in-law, eventhough good enough, didn't stop me or handover any support to me or my daughter. They want grandson. they had it through their second son. now they don't want us because my baby is girl. I have filed maintenance case along with dvc for dowry return. maintainence case has disposed off at lower court. so I filed it again next court. my appeal was accepted and recently transfered to family court. but in my talk with judge, I have said about my job and rs.7000/- my salary , which i joined very recently. My lawyer told that case will be disposed because I said I am earning. Is this so? I don't have any idea about their properties. But I want my baby to get everything she has right to get. i know widow has no right over self acquired property of father in law . Does my daughter can claim any right over living grandfather 's property. can I do anything in this regard. they are too rich, hiding their properties details. they are not minding my daughter needs or life, but equally competing for the share in accident claim. my husbands mother, me and my daughter are in the accident claim. how can she be stopped from claiming share, because she is already having properties. thanks in advance for your time,