Case under secion 120b / 420 / 406 and 506

I am a shopkeeper in a cinema building since 1989. in that time the owner of the hall has had agreement with me for 10 years for selling newspapers and magazines. after 10 years , neither they or me asked for a fresh agreement. i used to pay rent regularly. in the year of 2009 i shifted my newspaper bussiness to an anohter shop and opened readymade garment bussiness in the said shop in cinema hall. during the month of july my landlord has some altercation with my staff (raju singh) regarding payment of rent in the morning . in the evening he went to pay rent, the owner (now the grandson of original owner) refused to take rent. ulitmatley i started paying him rent thru money order as he was not ready to accept rent. in the mean time, he sent me legal notice thru an advocate to vacate the shop on the ground of selling readdymade garments instead of newspapers. i did not reply the notice and keep sending the rent amount of rs 700/- every month thru m.o. which he refuses every time. now a policeman came to my shop and told me about a case institued against me and my staff raju singh under section 120b, / 420 / 406 and 506. i then contacted an advocate and he has replied that he will get the nakal of the said order from court and as asked me to file for anticipatory bail. please let me know how to fight this case. is this crime to change the business in a rented shop. if court insist i am ready to convert the shop again to newspaper shop, but do want to vacate shop as i am earning my livelyhood from that shop and i have to look after my family cosisting of 8 memebers including 1 mentally abnormal son suffering from bipolar disorder and 1 handicapped niece suffering from cerebral palsy. what legal action the shop owner can take to vacate the shop and how long this case can be fought in the court. i am 61 year old person and may not be able to fight long. thanking you s k anand