Respected Sir, Sir I & My wife bought one office premises in Masjid Bander, I started payment from May-2011 and on Dec-2014 I got possession. Possession late by 1 year. As committed, builder failed provided us; (1) No WC for us. He himself use it and keep under lock, even he refused to give WC key to my wife and women staff. (2) No OC till date, due to this I am not getting loan from Bank. Due to lack of finance I lost lost of business, as well as no staff is ready to work at our place even my family women members are also not in possession to help my business due to non availability of WC. (3) Builder and his contractor take Rs 5000/- money form us for interiors works permission in the year 2014 before possession. (4) His Contractor and their worker stolen my Silver GOD statue from my office and when I complain builder inform me that he also face the same problem from contractor staff, so nothing to do. I can not complain as we did not enter into agreements so i afraid to do legal Police complain (5) He is not fulfill his commitment of Goods lift. Area is keep open till date. I hold his some payment due to this issue. I had given him written request on Jan-15. Last month i & Broker visited his office to discussing issue but he and his family members insult us and say GET LOST from his office. He inform his staff to throw us from his office and he him self also do the same. Today I received registered letter from them to pay our outstanding with 18% interest and this interest will be added day by day on interest too. What is your legal guideline, please help me. Warm Regards, Deepak J Shah