want to get divorce

I have gone through all difficulties which were made by ma husband and his family he always physically and mentally harrashed me. He Neva use to bring even primary requirements to get servive like grocery and all when I ask , always beat me like animal stating that I have a loan of 11lacks. Ma parents fulfil all my requirements till today by transacting amt to ma account , he is a central govt servant , one day when he beat me , I approached his superiors they counsiled him but which was of no use , then they immediately sanctioned leave to him and asked him to sort out ua problem and then come back while coming also he beat me. And left me alone on road and went to their house I came alone by myself to ma parents house. Now he is asking for divorce then I filed 489 and dvc on him because they even use to always tell me that we would have got other gal with more dowry coz ma son is govt emp . now I want to know the benefits and I just want to punish him I don't want any money from him but punish coz he always beat me like animal so what more steps should I take to get justice