Whole Life disturbed after marriage!!

Dear Sir/Madam, I am really confused/upset all times 24hrs, and thinking again and again since 1996, to whom to consult/not to consult/why to consult etc. etc. But today decided finally to have your advise. I am married since 1996. But since then, I am in trouble/upset minded etc. etc., let me submit how. The parents/guardians of my wife (before marriage), hide me about her looking, i.e. about her weird teeth. Many from our family members (brothers and sisters, parents no more), were well known about this, but they assumed that I am aware about it and they also assumed that I have no problem if she is having weird teeth. And my in-laws hide this secret from me, before marriage and even during marriage too. They must have given clear instructions to her, that she should not face me at any cost for weird teeths, otherwise, i could have rejected their proposal for marriage. I would like to submit since than, (after marriage), I am chasing my self, internally as to why the hide the truth from me? I could not/I am not able to focus on my further study at job or at any work properly, due to this. I am not going to my in-laws home too, due to this, for which my wife always questing me for the same again and again, we normally are not having happily married life, even I have 2 sons too now. Due to this, I lost may image too in the society. Many people used to peeving me again and again and I could do anything. i am trying my best to live better married life, but I am always disturbed. Many time I am rude with my office colleagues, neighbors etc. etc. due to I am having above tension in mind always. Met with accidents too, to having upset mind. Please advise, what to do, where to approach I am really confused/unhappy and disturbed.