Not given maturity amount even sebi order

Respected Sir/Madam, I am working as an agent in M/s HBN DAIRIES AND ALLIED LTD in Tanjore Branch. There are 102 customers are invested as an investor in my team various schemes under the plans monthly, yearly and so on. They are already paid for their installments properly and after the maturity date none of them not get their repayment amount to company till now. Many times to contact through E-mail to HEAD OFFICE they are not respond for us. SEBI (Stock Exchange Board OF India) Ordered to company Ref.No: WTM/PS/71/CIS-NRO/FEB/2015 in 12/02/2015.The company should pay for all investors on or before March 09/2015. If fail that SEBI would make a reference to the State Government/ Local Police to register a civil/ criminal case against HBN Dairies Allied Limited, its promoters, directors and its managers/ persons in-charge of the business and its schemes, for offences of fraud, cheating, criminal breach of trust and misappropriation of public funds.And the issue was forwarded to SFIO and MCA through SEBI I have prepared a list of our customers and E-mailed to head office they are not responding past two months ago. I kindly request to you Please given a valid able solution to get their repayment immediately without any hesitate. Thanks Yours Faithfully R.Nagalakshmi