Is it defamation

A complaint was filed against an advocate in Bar Council of AP that the advocate was indulging in LIC business too which is against the rules of conduct for advocates. The said advocate replied that he was not aware of the rules and asked for pardon with promise of not repeating which was granted and the complaint disposed off. Now the same advocate renewed his license to continue LIC business. A fresh complaint was made again stating that despite giving written undertaking, the advocate renewed his license to continue LIC business. In response to this complaint, the advocate instead of responding to the particular allegation by me, made several false accusations against me in a written statement to the Bar Council like: (1) I forced him to take LIC licence - I can prove this to be false (2) That I regularly beat him and torture him in the court premises - This is preposterous, unbelievable and obviously false, no one can beat up an advocate in the court premises (3) I am playing fraud in courts (including High Court) and in Bar Council - this is also preposterous and slanderous (4) That I demanded money from him - false (5) Thus, Bar Council should take action against me and address orders to my employer (I am a pvt employee and not connected with law) He is falsely claiming (1), (2), (3) and (4) and asking for (5). So my question is, does this amount to defamation? If yes, whose burden is to prove that (1), (2), (3) and (4) are true/false? Should I file civil or criminal defamation? Thanks