Pagdi system Reciept transmission

Hi. My maternal aunt is a pagdi kiraydar (tenant) and rent reciepts are in her name for a shop in central mumbai. She died in Feb 2018 leaving behind no children or spouse as successors. She had been living all her life with us (her elder sister's family) till the time of death. I am her nephew whom all the relatives (including her siblings and my siblings) have unanimously and wholeheartedly agreed on NOC to get the shop rent reciepts transferred in my name as the new pagdi tenant. But the landlords, who initially had no objection to the transmission (with fee approx 1.5lacs), are now stating that the shop cannot be transferred to anyone except my aunt's husband or children, which is not existential in this case. Apparently, this could be a tactic by the landlords to extract additional amount for transmission in my name. Can you please guide on the relevant section to safeguard our interest as well as on the procedure for the transmission in my name. Would appreciate a sooner reply. Thanks and Regards. A. W. K.