To locate a registered will done by my mother in 2001 in Asansol

I am the second son of my mother among two sons and two daughter. My mother, at her last stage , came to Kolkata for medical treatment from Asansol from where we belong to.My other told me verbally that all the property (moveable and immovable) has given to me. But I could not get the Will ( which I needed to probate, as a result all the property was divided among the siblings and I was forced to sign. Being Foreign National , they can not inherit any property under FEMA Law ( the cost was borne mostly by me - major portion, and I did the IT cleared in my mothers name . Only last week, after 18 years , from a Diary, I came to know how the conspiracy was hatched and gold ornaments of three generation was taken out from my Mothers Bank Locker including the will . But now they deny it. As my mother told me that everything has been given to me,I presume the Will must have been registered in Asansol Court in between May 2001 to Sept/ 2001. As I can not go go to Asansol because of my age (lone person of 74 ) , how to get information online? Arunabha Biswas email: [deleted]