Very unsatisfied rule

Sir my father purchased land before 2000 but at that tym he is illiterate he did not do registration the buyer and my father closed deal with a agreement paper. Inthe end seller filed case that agreement is fake and that is a fake agreement after my father death. I fighted more that 15 years in court at the end seller compremaised with half half share. Being a middle class people we agreed to give back half property to seller at least we can get half. Because we can't fight any more we don't have money power nothing. We spent our total money total lyt to get our property. We spent money more than our efforts... Actually sir unsatisfied and unhappy thing is. We are three brothers we already lost half property. We fighted a lot.. But we have five sisters. After completing all legal proceedings. They came and asking for property share. Is this justice. Not even one day or one rupee.. Or not even a single suggestion... Or support from them they waited till completion.. And after all clear they asking for property. What can i do. Now i shuld give share or we brother have any rights to own it.