Give Divorce to wife as per Muslim Law

Dear Sir, Hope you are doing well. I got Married on 2014; I have one 2.5yrs old daughter. I’m currently(NRI) living and working in UAE, since 2016. I never had a peaceful or happy married life with her because of her mindset or mentality, I was unable to lead a successful married life. We never had a good understanding between us. Always spreading my and my parents mistakes(false rumors) in front of their parents and her relatives and blaming me and my parents. As she was abusive and caused physical, mental, or emotional torture.(By trying to hang/telling me she wants to die) And she failed to fulfill the objectives and purposes for which marriage was initiated. And there were conflicting differences in temperaments, like, and dislikes between me and her. Due to which there was no positive understandings. And then she started abusing my parents, and she started torturing me by saying I will commit suicide and so on for no reason. Since I left India 2016, she is living with her parents. Coming and going to my parents home on weekend Sunday. During my absence in India, she cheated me by being in relationship in the same place where she was working in the school, she had Long duration mid night phone calls with him. Got proofs for that calls. Hence i decided that i want to give divorce. And i went to India and submitted all the phone call data proofs to their parents in front of her uncles and they accepted that she did mistake by talking to other man in mid night, since then several rounds of reconciliations happened between me and my wife by the arbitrators and her uncles from the wife’s family and my family. During the reconciliation period she came and stayed along with my parents however she went back to her home town by hitting my parents and abusing them in front of my home town people due to which the reconciliation attempts failed. She and her father and my parents are forcing me to live with her, which i can't. Before that many times we had reconciliation meetings in presence of masjid members, she doesn't want to divorce as per Islam law. She irritated me by telling badly about me and my mother and the same they gave in the form of notice to masjid committee due to which the reconciliation meetings occurred. Please advise me how to get separate from her legally or as per Islamic law. As I work abroad(NRI), please advise me accordingly so that my professional career should not get damaged. Thanks,