My daughter got married to her college friend after he had attained his divorce from the previous wife this was after 6months of divorce. The wife had a son which she claimed was my son-in-law's child but we came to know later that he was by another man she called uncle proving that she had been unfaithful during her marriage.She had hardly stayed with my son-in-law after her marriage because she was having an affair with that uncle.She had filed a case on that uncle proving that her son was his child by getting a DNA test done and was receiving maintenance from him for her son, She also claimed one time maintenance from my son in law of Rs 10lakhs for her son claiming that he was his son which he granted as he did not know the truth at that time.Later my son in law filed a case againist her for returning the money as the child was not his. After this she started communicating with my son in law, his father and the lawyer often writing offensive things maligning the character of my son in law and my daughter. Now she has started sending whatsapp messages stating that my son in law and his family are harassing her, trying to harm her and her son which is not true as they are staying in a different city and have no such intentions. She writes that they are sending gundas to harm her and her son.We have no idea why she is writing this and if actually there is someone trying to harm her. So what can they do to protect themselves against these false accusations. She is also saying that she will get the divorce cancelled.She was the one who filed for divorce as she was having an affair with that man but now she says that she was threatened and forced into filing the divorce.My son in law was granted divorce from his ex wife about 4 years back with mutual consent. I want to know. 1) If she can get the divorce cancelled? 2) What action can my son in law and daughter take to stop her from mentally harassing them? 3) How can my son in law, his family and my daughter protect themselves from these false accusations? P. N: the case falls under Maharashtra law Waiting to hear from you soon. Regards, Neerja R