Threatning for False 498A

Hello All, 1. My Pregnant wife has left home in Germany without informing me to India in Dec 2018. 2. She asked for the divorced after 1-month reaching India in Jan 2019. 3. She does not want the baby after delivery as she wants to start new relation with someone else in near future. 4. I am ready to keep baby and look after his/her rest of my life and does not want to remarry. 5. She and he father demanded huge amount (12 Lacs) for settlement in peaceful or they launch 498A against me & my family in India. 6. I am still in Germany (PR Status) and my family members in India. 7. Wife and In Laws threats every day and harassing my family for launching false 498a but My family doesn’t want to bow down for this extortion money. We know the value of money as they are earned after hard work. 8. My wife does not want baby and me. I am ready for mutual consent but they are after extracting huge amount out of my family and me by harassing 498a. 9. What I can do to save my family and myself in Abroad. Can they reach me here? Can they harassed my Mom and Brothers?