Contested / Ex Parte Divorce

Sir, 4 yrs married life. My Wife doesn't like to stay with me and left me after she got a job in different city. I have not harrassed her or did any bad to her. Their family insisted for divorce and with no other option we also agreed for divorce and went for a lawyer suggested as per their family. Lawyer said that I will get summons in 15 days after filing divorce by them (Wife ) and there is no necessity for me to attend or visit court and the divorce will be granted in 2 months. we agreed to pay 2 lakhs as one time settlement and also lawyer fees. Lawyer also said that he won't keep allegations very seriously or weak on me in order to get the divorce. Lawyer also said that if wife files a divorce case chances are high to grant decree, that's the reason he choose this method. I am little worried as the lawyer is known to girls family, so I am posting this here. Please suggest. 1. Is this called Ex Parte divorce. If so will there be any problem in future for me 2. What are the precautions I should take 3. Can they come back for more money and how I should handle this 4. Will they have to prove allegations