Separtion from family

I ms afrin got married on 7 sept 2018 and got the divorce on 16 jan 2019 due to some of personal reason this was my love marriage and we have done the court marriage to hide this marriage agreed and they accpetd the realtion and once again we got married on 7 sept in front of whole family and we make it as arrange marriage, as when we took the divorce i took khulla from my husband and now m staying at my parents house now i dont want to get married again i want my own indepented life where i can work and earn and live a happy life. I m happy with my parents but they want me to get married agaib in some months which i dont want as i still love my ex husband.. now i just want the speartion legally so that they wont be worried about me anymore .... but i dont want to say them upfrontly i just want them to inform on the day when ill leave from house.. and due to some reason they dont allow me to use sim card even mobile but as i have wifi on my house so i using my gmail and phone secretly on wifi my gmail id is [deleted]