Issue after selling 2-wheeler

Hi, I am not if this is the right topic to be posted in this category. I did not find anything else suitable. I have sold a two wheeler to a person, to whom i got introduced thru a friend of mine. I received the full cash from the person as per the deal. I gave my vehicle along with other papers (RC BOOK, insurance, EC etc). I have been asking the person to initiate the name transfer for the vehicle. Its almost an year now, he has not started the process of name transfer with RTO. I am bit worried because, if he does any accident; or vehicle gets stolen from him and gets misused, as i will be in trouble and will be running between court and police station (as the RC book is still in my name). Finally I lost hope that he will doing it at all. In this case, what should I be doing next. If something unfortunate (like the ones i mentioned above) happens, will I be in trouble? I have the name and phone number of the person. That is all... Please advice me. This is giving me jitters as the days pass by... Regards Naveen