Issue after selling 2-wheeler

Hi, I stay in Bangalore in a residential apartment for nearly 10+ years now. As such there is no issue with the apartment. But the builder could not get OC due to deviation from sanctioned plan. Now he has handed over the maintenance to the association and left without procuring OC. We have Electricity connection, Municipal corporation does garbage clearance from society, all residents have sale deed registered in their names and pay property taxes. However, there is no water connection. But in this part of Bangalore even apartments with OC don't have water connection and have to rely on bore wells and tankers. In my case, SBI had approved the home loan and the home loan/mortgage is now discharged after loan repayment. Basically all is fine, except that we don't have OC. Now, i am panning to sell this house. Will this have any issue during selling? I am planning to sell in a one or two years time. Will there be any any (new) law that can stop me from selling my flat without OC? There is nothing much i can do, as OC has to be procured for the whole apartment and not for the individual flats. Please guide me on this. Regards Naveen