credit card payment not payed

i have worked in uae when i used my credit card 2 nos which is total credit limit is 7200 both the card but i have try to made the payment due to the interest i cant able to make that fully so i left and come to india now they are asking to make the payment Now i am unemployed now i dont have earning and i dont have enough money also so they send me mail the credit collection agency they started the legal proceture and they submited to police cause also my question is if they given police cause any police will come to my home/in india?? they will file any police or criminal cause in india?? and how can i repay the money and collection agency is sending mail day by day and pressurizing me i have been asked them give time but they are not agreed and i spoke with the bank person they are telling like that your name we dont have any account they may closed my account ??? then why the colletion agency they are calling me ?? Plz send me the answer i am waiting for your answers