Need help

Res Sir My name is Vinod L. Khairnar and lives in pune i saw your post and reply on internet which is very useful for trapped person. my problem is i paid 3 lack rupees to brother in law and sister 3 lack totally 6 lack rupees before 2 year ago and that time i did't made any document. When they refused to paid money in month of November 2014 that time i made (Haath ousanwar pawati) absense of eye witness on 100 rs bond form my brother in low and taken 3 lacks rupees state bank of india check dated 15 may 2015 from my sister now they are also saying we don't want to give money and not interested to maintain any relationship n file one NC against me in police station he(me) is torch-ere to us after that i don't want to maintain any relationship with them and i send notice to them basis on (hath ousanwar pawati) and they did't replied on that notice , even they are able to pay and i helped them to established business when his condition was very poor. i sold out my wife ornament and helped out them right now my condition is not good and jobless. What should i do i don't know kindly helped out me from this problem Thanks in advance Vinod L Khairnar