Can a cheating and emotional loss case be filed

I am in love relationship with a guy since 5 years. I had studies committment. When he proposed me for marraige he did saying that I will wait for you even for 5 years. So, we got engaged in a small family gathering in October 2010. But due to my studies the marraige has been postponed. He had been making love and marraige promises all this while till 2nd April 2015. He kept saying I am all your and waiting for you. But then he suddenly disappeared and blocked all my and family phone numbers and all other sources to reach him. On 26th April 2015 I came to know from some sources that he is marrying another girl. Without giving me any clue he fixed his marraige with another girl while keeping promising me for marraige. Can I file a case of cheating betrayal causing emotional and psychological trauma and loss against him. Can I get an order from court to hold on his marraige with that other girl until he comes in open (as he is hiding away) and gave me explaination of why he cheated me and my family. Can I get any kind of legal help.