retrieve money given without agreement.

i purchased a third hand jeep from a dealer a year back and he had agreed to do all the formalities to get the vehicle registered in my name. we had all the papers required for the transfer. the jeep is from another state hence we require NOC etc. we agreed on 2 lacs as the price for the vehicle. i gave 1.2 lac in cheque and told him that i will give the remaining amount after the vehicle has been registered in my name as he promised. I have the jeep but the papers have not been transferred to my name which makes the vehicle useless as i can not drive it around in my state. it has been 1 year and he has not been able to transfer the jeep in my name. i have decided to call this deal off and has been asking him to refund my 1.2 lac and take the jeep back. he is buying time now to get the papers ready but i have no hope. he has promised me to refund the money if it gets delayed more. but i would like to know if there is a legal approach to get my 1.2 lac back. i have call recordings, messages and the cheque details. i have no agreement for this money.