Forcefully Vacating the House

Hi I have rented the house almost year ago, initially i did not insist for rental agreement and later after six months I needed rental agreement and receipts to file my IT returns. He refused and said we can not give you as they are not declaring income from house. I thought of vacating the house and conveyed to Owner by giving three months in advance notice. after whihch we came to understanding and owner & i agreed to continue in the house and I continued staying, since I did not pay one month rent therefore advance left over with owner was for 2 months. after 2 months owner is again asking for that one month advance so that he will have 3 months advance with him which I refused and said if it is not acceptable I will vacate the house in next two months and will stay only for the days for which i have paid rent in advance. He is putting pressure to vacate the house by this month end and he will return one month advance after checking the house, and I am sure he will make me run for that amount. Please advise me what should I do to get my advance amount.