forcefully stoping to make construction on my own land

1.sir i am a citizen of Bihar living in Delhi in want of livelihood. 2. i have paternal property their in a remote village. my house had become ruined due to old age. 3.i am constructing a new one on the same land . neighbors surrounding that land threatened me by saying They are not going to allow me make constructions because they need that land for parking. i wrote a letter to DM , SP and CM respectively stating situation which can cause a law and order problem. SP sent that letter to local police station. police was bribed and the situation remained as it was.after a year the letter of CM moved to district administration and was again sent to local police station police was again bribed and sec.107 was imposed on them. i started the construction but due to shortage of time and money i could not finish my house. after completion of six months of 107 they again returned back on the same formulae. with an addition that their is some boundary problem and around 25 square feet land had been forcibly aquired by my fore fathers . 4. i moved to DCLR for demarcation of land . DCLR was bribed along with my lawyer and the commissioner appointed for measurement of the land. and the case was disposed off without any notice or information. and the situation came back to the same position where it was. can any one please suggest me what should i do now